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Our Philosophy: 

At, we feel that model scenery deserves the same degree of detail as any other modeling focus. We bring a higher level of realism to scale scenery. We research the prototype in order to manufacture scale scenery products that meet the requirements of the most discerning modeler.

Research & Development 
All products are developed to create the most realistic scenery by closely researching and studying the prototype. We want modelers to be able to achieve actual scale versions of prototype scenery.

Part of our research and development has led us to the use of synthetic materials. These man-made materials have many advantages. Some of these advantages include; more durability than natural plant materials so they can be used and re-used, they do not become brittle with age, they are a non-food source for pests, and they are not recognizable as a specific species of natural moss or plant. This is especially important in model photography where recognizable natural materials can easily expose the scale.

View of an HO scale (1/87) scene that is only 12 inches wide and 24 inches deep

The photo above shows a rushing stream cutting through an HO scale (1/87) scene that is approximately 36 inches deep from the camera lens. Everything seen in this photo except the real sky background is model scenery. Yes, even the background trees are models.

Trees are HUGE!

A typical forest is 65 to 85 feet tall.

A stand-alone large Oak can be 120 feet tall.
How tall is that in your scale?

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