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Every great movie has great supporting characters as part of the story. Their role is to fill in the background story and to interact with the main characters and the hero. This is why we designed Forest Trees for your model scenes. Although our Forest Trees are excellent trees with high realism, they are not designed to steal the show from a large Hero Tree but are intended to fill in the scene and support the larger Hero Trees. As you can clearly see in the photo to the right, our Forest Trees are not the typical "puffball trees" made of spray-painted white or green poly fiberfill covered with foliage and stuck on a toothpick.


The photo above shows a photo of our 13 count package of "Forest Trees" hardwood trees.


The photo to the right shows a close-up photo of our "Forest Trees" in front of a real sky background.

The Prototype
Like all products, we have researched the prototype and developed Forest Trees to replicate the prototype. When hardwood trees grow in a forest, they are competing with each other for sunlight, space, water, and other nutrients. This competitive environment yields trees that have shorter reaching branches than a stand-alone tree of the same species. They also have much less branches and leaves beneath the top leaf canopy, which makes them look scrappier than a stand-alone tree of the same species. 

The Armatures
Because hardwood trees rarely have trunks that are straight, we start each Forest Tree with a sturdy single wire armature that is hand bent with multiple bends to replicate the prototype. We also coat each trunk with our flexible bark texture in a realistic gray to mimic most hardwood trees. RTP (Ready to Plant) – use the planting spike to plant each tree into your diorama, layout, or scenery base. 

The Branches
The detailed branching structure is created using our Original BranchBunches material. The Individual branches are thick enough to be seen at a distance, so the foliage appears to be connected to something substantial, instead of floating in mid-air. BranchBunches are also a dark gray to add shadowing and depth to the tree after the foliage is applied.


Our BranchBunches branching material is totally synthetic which has many advantages.

  • It is durable and will not become brittle with age.

  • It is non-magnetic and non-electricity conductive, so it will not be attracted to motor mechanisms or create an electrical short.

  • It does not contain dust-collecting glycerin, and it is non-tasty to insects and pests.

  • It is not recognizable as a specific species of plant or flower. This is especially important in model photography where recognizable natural materials can easily give away the illusion of scale. 

The Foliage
Our summer foliage Forest Trees come in three colors to allow a variety of tree species to be represented.
    • Bright Green
    • Medium Green
    • Olive Green

Each order comes with a mix of these three colors. Our foliage is our own special formula to follow prototype colors and texture.


The photo above shows the detail of our flexible bark coating.

Using Forest Trees
We recommend using our Hero Trees to showcase those key foreground scenes and then use our Forest Trees as supporting characters around the Hero Trees, and to fill in the background of the scene. Also use Forest Trees to cover a hillside, hide the seam to a backdrop, be a view block between smaller scenes, or to populate around other trees. 

A Note About Scale
We have designed our Forest Trees in various sizes to work in multiple scales. A typical hard wood forest stands at 65 to 85 feet tall in the Eastern United States to the Midwest Unite States. Compare that to your scale. A towering massive oak in a small scale can also be an ornamental tree in a larger scale and a simple bush in an even larger scale. Be sure to follow your prototype photos, measurements, and research to create your scenes with realism. Use larger trees in the foreground and smaller trees in the background to add forced perspective and create the perception of greater distance between the foreground and background.


Sizes and Pricing

Production Time – 7 days

Please allow one week of production time for RTP (Ready to Plant) trees. Our trees are all made by hand here in Canton, Georgia.

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50

$10 shipping charge on orders $50 and below

Actual shipping charges for Non-Continental US orders

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