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BranchBunches by is a multi-use material that is designed to replicate the branching structure of prototype trees, bushes, shrubs, and exposed roots. BranchBunches add mass and volume to trees while maintaining a desired semi-transparent appearance. They are suitable for all scales, and work well for deciduous trees as well as conifers. BranchBunches are designed to be attached to any armature, from plastic, to metal, to wood, to natural sticks and weeds.

View of BranchBunches Light detail compared to a penny

The above photo is a close-up detail of BranchBunches Light without foliage.

Diorama showing deciduous and conifer trees made from BranchBunches branching material
Close-up detail showing BranchBunches branching material applied to tree armature and foliage applied.


There are many advantages to using BranchBunches over using other available materials. Here are a few. 
The Branches - BranchBunches make it easy to create trees and bushes with that sought
after semi-transparent appearance. The Individual branches are thicker than common polyester fiberfill. BranchBunches are also great for filling out a tree that has a sparse armature. They easily glue to each other to fill in the gaps where an armature has no limb.
The Color - After researching the prototype, most deciduous tree branches appear gray when they are bare, and appear to be black when shaded by foliage. We have chosen an appropriate color that satisfies both of these parameters.
Non-Recognizable - Since BranchBunches are not made of a natural material, they are not recognizable as a specific species of natural moss or plant. This is especially important in model photography where recognizable natural materials can easily expose the scale. 
Synthetic - BranchBunches are totally synthetic which means they are durable and will not become brittle with age. They are non-magnetic and
non-electricity conductive. They do not contain dust collecting glycerin, and they are non-tasty to insects and pests. 

How much is in a package?
A single package of 35 grams has enough BranchBunches material to easily make approximately five 8" deciduous trees, three 9" conifer trees, and 8 bushes. All from just one package. Of course BranchBunches can be used to make a model tree of most any scale, depending on the armature of your choice. You could also choose to make four 30cm (12") trees like the one above from the same 35 gram package. 

BranchBunches 35 gram package product shot

35 gram package of

BranchBunches Light

BranchBunches Logo

Sizes and Pricing

1 Package of BranchBunches (35 grams)

3 Pack of BranchBunches (35 grams x 3)

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