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There is no better way to showcase a foreground scene and bring it to life with realism than to incorporate a highly detailed massive Hero Tree into the scene.


Every great movie has great supporting characters as part of the story. Their role is to fill in the background story and to interact with the main characters and the hero. This is why we designed Forest Trees for your model scenes. Although our Forest Trees are excellent trees with high realism, they are not designed to steal the show from a large hero tree but are intended to fill in the scene and support the larger hero trees. As you can clearly see in the photo to the right, our Forest Trees are not the typical "puffball trees" made of spray painted white or green poly fiberfill covered with foliage and stuck on a toothpick.


BranchBunches by is a multi-use material that is designed to replicate the branching structure of prototype trees, bushes, shrubs, and exposed roots. BranchBunches add mass and volume to trees while maintaining a desired semi-transparent appearance. They are suitable for all scales, and work well for deciduous trees as well as conifers. BranchBunches are designed to be attached to any armature, from plastic, to metal, to wood, to natural sticks and weeds. Of course we know they work best with our twisted wire ScaleTree Armatures. 


Custom Work


We also do custom work. The tree to the left and below is one of many 12" tall Oak trees built for a museum display diorama.



Our trees have been featured 

on model movie sets,

including the 2005 

release of King Kong.

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